Blog News: My Candy Corn Nails Featured on!

Hey everyone!

Hope you’re having a great night. I have some more exciting blog news to share!

Dana, the beauty editor for The Huffington Post Media Group contacted me and sent a press request to feature the Candy Corn Nails I did earlier. Of course I said yes! What an amazing honour! πŸ˜€

Below are screenshots, but click here if you’d like to see the original article.

Swatch And Learn on Stylelist

Swatch And Learn Stylelist

Stylelist Swatch And Learn

They even featured my nails on their homepage!

Swatch And Learn Stylelist Website

Wee! This made my day! πŸ˜€


20 thoughts on “Blog News: My Candy Corn Nails Featured on!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Maribeth!

      Hahaha! It’s funny because on that post, someone left a comment: “Honey, nobody–anΒ­d I do mean nobody–buΒ­t you is even aware of your ring-fingeΒ­r nail. Talk about a first-worlΒ­d problem.” But it did make that person want to leave a comment. πŸ˜‰

      I’m starting to like my weird ring finger more now! πŸ˜€ I wonder what other powers it has that I haven’t unlocked.

  1. CupK8

    woo hoo! That’s fantastic, congratulations! πŸ™‚ I’m taking off my S&L inspired candy corn mani right now, actually, after wearing it all weekend.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Brittany!

      Thank you soooo much! πŸ™‚

      I’m sure yours looked great! Thanks for trying the nail art – that’s the first step. Some people don’t even try, so I commend you on your effort!

  2. Marta

    Mary! I am over the top happy for this lovely feature!!!! Your lovely nails deserve the spotlight… and it is because of them that I am making a Bulk Barn trip today to get me some candy corn πŸ˜‰ HONESTLY!
    Marta recently posted: Hypnotize me SKY

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Marta!

      Thank you for always being so supportive of me! It really touches me how you and so many others have been so kind to me. πŸ™‚ Amazing how nail polish can really bring wonderful people together.

      Haha, and I just went on Twitter and saw the photo of your Bulk Barn purchase – Woooooowwww! That’s a lot of candy corn! Hehe, enjoy it! YUMMMM!


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