8 Beauty Uses for Cotton Swabs

** This post was written by Fiona. She no longer blogs for Swatch And Learn. However, Mary still continues to blog and will be happy to reply to your comment. **

There are so many beauty helpfuls out there that make applying products easier or allow you to achieve that professional finish. One of my favorites: cotton swabs. It’s so versatile and useful!


Here is my list of beauty uses for Q-tips or cotton swabs:

  1. Perfect your manicure. I was not blessed with steady hands, and cotton swabs dipped in nail-polish remover work great for cleaning up the edges.
  2. Remove stubborn eyeliner. Have liner on your lash line even after removing your eye makeup? A cotton pad is too big to reach in there! Dip a cotton swab in eye-makeup remover and run it across your lash line.
  3. Get rid of raccoon eyes from eye shadows. Try tapping off excess product from your brush, and if you still get color under the eyes, dip a cotton swab in remover to clean up your makeup.
  4. Get rid of creased eye shadows. See your eye shadow creasing? Instead of using your finger (it could be dirty, and it could smudge your shadow more), try a cotton swab.
  5. Smudge your eyeliner. If you don’t have a smudging brush, a Q-tip works, too. But because it’s designed to absorb, smudge lightly or it could erase the line altogether.
  6. Apply Vaseline or other potted lip products. Just like Mary, I don’t really like swirling my finger in pots. Feels like you’re contaminating the product. But a cotton swab here works great!
  7. Fix your mascara. Blinked and got mascara on your cheeks? Dab it off with a cotton swab! If the mascara has dried, dip the swab in makeup remover.
  8. Smooth out liquid eyeliner. Don’t fret if your liquid eyeliner looks uneven. You can also clean that up with a swab and remover.
  9. Cheap Brand vs. Q-tips

Don’t think you have to use Q-tips. I’ve tried a cheapie cotton swab brand, and it’s actually better for some tasks. The head of Q-tips tends to be fluffier, so it’s not as precise for cleaning jobs. Sometimes cheaper products work better!

This list is just a starter; we’ll be expanding it. And if you have any suggestions, please put your two cents in. 🙂


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