Bath & Body Works Summertime S’mores Candle Review & Pictures

Bath & Body Works Summertime S'mores Candle Review & PicturesIf you’ve ever made (and more importantly, eaten!) yummy s’mores by the campside, you should already be salivating at the mere thought of this scented candle. (At least, this is what happened to me!)

I have been steering clear of Bath & Body Works for many months because my collection of 3-wick candles has grown to an embarrassingly large size. 😉

But one day, when I was browsing the stores with the guy I’ve been dating, we ended up ducking into that dangerous store of addictive aromas.

I made the mistake of smelling this Bath & Body Works Summertime S’mores Candle.

My guy also thought it was incredible, and well, to make a long story short, this candle (and another one) jumped into my hands and threatened to hold me hostage until I purchased it. (What choice did I have, right? Hehe!)

Also, when the cashier was ringing up my purchase, she noticed the freehand owl nail art I had on. Apparently she follows beauty blogs, so I told her about Swatch And Learn. She scribbled it down on a little piece of paper, and I wonder if she ever ended up visiting. 🙂

Bath & Body Works Summertime S’mores Candle Pictures 

Bath & Body Works Summertime S'mores Candle Review & Pictures

Bath & Body Works Summertime S'mores Candle Review

Bath & Body Works Summertime Smores Candle Review & Pictures

Summertime S'mores Candle Bath & Body Works Review

B&BW Summertime S'mores Scented Candle Review & Photos

Interesting! The price label is blank!


  • Toasted marshmallow (Yes)
  • Crackling campfire (Yes)
  • Cream, rich vanilla (Yes)

Key Notes

  • Name: Bath & Body Works Summertime S’mores Scented Candle
  • Amount: 411 g (14.5 oz.)
  • What I Paid: 2 for $30 CAD on sale (Regularly, they’re around $22.95 CAD each or so. Never buy them at the retail price. Seriously, the store has so many sales often that you won’t have to wait long for the price to drop.)
  • Where to Buy: Bath & Body Works stores & Bath & Body Works website

Bath & Body Works Summertime S’mores Candle Review


The Summertime S’mores Candle from Bath & Body Works smells so delicious, the thought of tasting the wax may frolic in your mind, even for just a second.

It’s a light combination of sweetness from the marshmallow and creamy vanilla, but there’s still a detectable ‘campfire’ fragrance to it. So, instead of it coming across as candy, which the first two notes could come across as, the toasty nuance gives it a kind of earthiness that definitely will remind you of eating s’mores at camp. Very nostalgic!

If you liked the Slatkin & Co. Fireside Candle and enjoy marshmallow or gourmand scents, I think you’ll really enjoy this one, which bridges the two in a beautiful way. Both sides of the see-saw complement (instead of compete with) each other, so the aroma you get is balanced and has noticeable layers to keep it interesting.

Haha, if you’re a Bath & Body Works or Slatkin & Co. candle fiend like I am, you’ll probably remember the Slatkin & Co. Marshmallow Fireside Candle that came out in 2011. To me, Summertime S’mores is like the better version of that other candle. It could’ve just been my candle, but the Marshmallow Firesdie Candle I tried back then had such a weak scent. Summertime S’mores is light, but much more noticeable. Also, I find that the ‘fireside’ note is stronger in this one.

And, if you are really a candle addict, you’ll also remember the Slaktin & Co. S’mores Candle. (Yup, I tried that, too! Can you tell that I have a thing for anything that promises to smell like marshmallows?) That one had a distinct chocolate smell, which you won’t be able to detect in Summertime S’mores because the ‘fireside’ note takes its place.

Another thing worth mentioning is that sometimes candles with vanilla and woodsy scents can feel really heavy. This one’s actually light, so it’s great to use in the spring and summer.

Scent Throw

In a small-to-medium space, I found that the scent throw was great. It filled the air with that yummy aroma, which made the place inviting and comforting. It wasn’t too strong, but it wasn’t so light that I had to look for the candle to make sure it was burning.


Burn, baby, burn! 😉

The Bath & Body Works Summertime S’mores Candle burned wonderfully. The wicks remained strongly lit for hours. (I typically left it burning for 3 to 4 hours straight, as recommended by the label on the bottom of the candle.)

It’s important that the first time you burn a candle, you allow the wax to melt into a pool that spans the diameter of the candle. Then, you can keep the candle lit to continue burning cleanly down, instead of what’s called tunnelling (e.g. the wax walls are higher, but the middle burns down). This is the best way to get more bang for your buck and not waste any wax.

Listen, I loved the Bath & Body Works Summertime S’mores Candle so much that I literally burned it for 3 to 4 hours for 4 days. I’ve almost finished half of this 3-wick candle! And the whole time, it burned evenly and cleanly. Very happy with its performance!

(I’m considering getting another one when there’s a sale. Right now, the Semi-Annual Sale is going on, but only some of the candles are marked down. Maybe later this one will go back on sale. Bath & Body Works always has a sale on these 3-wicks, so I just wait. Then, I strike like a fragrance cobra! What is that ‘amasssssssssing’ sssssscent? I musssst sssssmell it more! Haha!)

Seasonal Availability

Since I didn’t notice the Bath & Body Works Summertime S’mores Candle in previous years, I think it’s a new scented candle that was just released for Summer 2013.

As with any of the seasonal scents at Bath & Body Works, you just never know if they’ll make a triumphant return the following year or not. Sometimes they do bring back popular favourites, but you can’t bank on it. So, if you adore this scent and think you’ll burn through one pretty fast, it may be worth stocking up when they have a sale.


  • Smells exactly like campside s’mores (marshmallows, vanilla & a ‘fireside’ note)
  • Burns exceptionally well (strong flames remain lit for hours)
  • Burns cleanly
  • Scent fills a small-to-medium-sized room

  • Seasonal (so once it’s gone, it may or may not return next year) – Please come back!

Final Verdict: 10/10

The Summertime S’mores Candle by Bath & Body Works is exactly what I wanted all those other marshmallow candles to smell like! That’s why I’m giving it a perfect score – this is pure perfection to me!

When I burn this candle, I feel relaxed, and despite using it consecutively for 4 days, I didn’t get tired of the fragrance. That indicates a true winner, in my opinion!

If you’re a fan of sweet scents, but want a ‘fireside’ twist, you’ll really enjoy Summertime S’mores! Highly recommend it (as if you couldn’t already tell from all my gushing)! 😉

Off-topic note: One time, my friend and I were craving s’mores (who hasn’t?), and we had the ‘bright’ idea to use a candle to melt the marshmallow. Haha, don’t do that! We literally ended up setting the smoke detector off, and we panicked a little when our marshmallows caught on fire. We blew out the flames easily enough, but you should’ve seen us! She was fanning the smoke detector while I sprung to open the door and ventilate the area. Not worth potentially burning the place down – haha! So, if you crave s’mores, do it outside in the proper place or buy those little kits that help you make s’mores. Or, hey, maybe you can microwave the ingredients to get them soft, but they won’t have that toasted flavour. (Yes, I’ve thought about this a lot.)

Do you go camping? When was the last time you made s’mores? What are some other marshmallow-scented candles you’ve used?


22 thoughts on “Bath & Body Works Summertime S’mores Candle Review & Pictures

  1. Jess

    Well, you’ve sold me! Even though, like you, I probably don’t NEED another candle. I rarely go to BBW because there isn’t one super conveniently close to me, but I may have to make a special detour for this.:)

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Jess!

      It’s worth the trip. This candle is amazingggggg! I think it may be the fastest that I’ve ever burned through almost half of a large candle in such a short period of time!

  2. Fedoraharp

    Oh my, I’m drooling just reading about this. Rarely am I tempted to buy scented candles, but I’m considering putting in an order for this one!

    I’m weird about roasting marshmallows- I literally set it on fire and let it burn to a crisp. It only burns a thin outer layer, and then the inside is completely gooey and melted, which is delicious 😀 I don’t mind the soot flavor of the burnt outside in the slightest. I wonder if anyone else does it like that?
    Fedoraharp recently posted: NOTD: Sloppy stamps

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Fedoraharp!

      Haha, wait until you smell it! You’ll be drooling all over the candle. Be careful that you don’t extinguish the flames! Hahahaha! 😉

      I’ve toasted marshmallows in many different ways at the campside, and sometimes, I also like to literally set the marshmallow on fire. It’s yummy and interesting that way. So you’re not alone! We’re in it together…just like with our nail-polish addiction! 😉

  3. Anne

    About your side note, in an act of desperately needing a s’more several years ago I discovered the stove works fantastically for roasting marshmallows! Either gas or electric, though with electric I’ve never had it catch fire, and I’ve done it many, many times in the past few years. The marshmallow just keeps going golden brown and delicious!

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Anne!

      It’s funny how my friend and I didn’t think to use the stove first. We just busted out a candle, which is more work. Hahaha! Oops!

      And I love how you were in desperation for a s’more! 😀 Hehehe! I completely understand where you’re coming from! 😉

  4. Anne K.

    “Summertime S’mores” is one of my recent faves, too ^_^ Glad I’m not the only one who has a 3-wick candle collection that’s bordering on ridiculous! I’m really into “Paris Daydream” and “Tiki Beach”, too — and BBW “French Baguette” is super-yummy.

    PS. Dark chocolate s’mores in the microwave — sometimes you just need a fix. 😉

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Anne K.!

      Glad that you’ve been enjoying this candle a lot, too! It’s sooooo goood! I need it to go on sale soon because no matter how great the scent is, I can never justify paying retail for a Bath & Body Works candle when the sales are so frequent.

      Out of curiosity, how many candles do you own? I haven’t counted how many I have, but I’d estimate 40 of the 3-wicks from Bath & Body Works. YIKES! *Blushes*

      P.S. Oooh, I’ve gotta try the microwave method! It’s so funny how my friend and I chose the candle. It’s the least convenient option compared to the stove or microwave! 😛

      1. Anne K.

        Yeah, I’m at maybe 35 BBW 3-wicks — they’re threatening to spill out of the triangular corner-cabinet-hutch thing I keep all of my candles in o_O I really don’t want to have to get the 3-wicks their own piece of furniture, so I’m trying to limit candle-buying 😛

        Part of my space problem involves several Archipelago jar candles — have you tried those? Pricey, but delicious… ^_^

        1. Mary S. Post author

          Hehe, I keep my candles tucked away in a closet shelf. But I had so many, I needed to leave a few by the windowsill. 😛

          Haha, I can just imagine something like an IKEA Helmer, but for candles! Oh boy – I’d better not get to that stage. 😉

          No, I’ve never tried any of those Archipelago jar candles you mentioned. Where are they sold?

          1. Anne K.

            Exactly — I have the same storage problem with my polish collection; one of these days I’m gonna have to break down and buy a polish Helmer and a candle Helmer 😛

            I’ve only seen Archipelago candles in little gift shops… I coulda sworn that Dillards was carrying them, but according to Archipelago’s store locator, that’s not the case. Archipelago doesn’t seem to be big into sales, unfortunately, so sometimes I’ll ask for a candle or two from my parents for my birthday, for instance. 😉 They make good gifts.

            Btw, thanks for the Avojuice review in today’s post! I’ve just recently started looking into moisturizing, and “non-greasy” + “great scent” + “fast-absorbing” + “hydrating” = YES PLZ. So I may have just ordered 3 Avojuice lotions online 😀

            1. Mary S. Post author

              The Helmer was a great investment for me. (I have two now.) It really helps you clear the clutter, and it’s a nice way to keep your polishes safe and hidden. Hehe, before, I had lots of polishes scattered throughout my whole home.

              Thank you for the information. I’ll have to check out the Archipelago candles!

              My pleasure – I’m glad that you found the Avojuice review helpful. It really is a winner in my book. I have never found a lotion that absorbed that quickly and that was truly not greasy like this one! 🙂

              Ooooh, which 3 Avojuices did you purchase?

              1. Anne K.

                I picked up “Sweet Tea”, “Cocnut Melon” and “Hibiscus Blossom” 🙂 So far I’ve only used “Sweet Tea” — the scent is flowery/fruity… in fact, it’s just like the old BBW “Plumeria” spray I used to have ^_^ Takes me back every time I use the lotion!

                I do like the thinness of the lotion 🙂 It does soak in pretty quickly, and I love not spending half an hour trying to will my hands to absorb the goo I’ve just slathered on 😛

                “Coconut Melon” leans heavily toward coconut (not surprisingly), and the melon is sort of a cool honeydew… an interesting pairing. “Hibiscus Blossom” is tropical-fruity, with what I can only describe as “hair salon shampoo” smell(?!) It’s a nice-smelling lotion, don’t get me wrong 😉

                I’m interested to try some other scents, like “Violet Orchid” ^_^

                1. Mary S. Post author

                  Thanks for the in-depth description of the Coconut Melon. After so many recommendations, I’ll need to try that. The combination of coconut and melon sounds the most interesting to me. 🙂

                  And make sure you’ve satisfied your sweet tooth before using Violet Orchid, or you may start craving candies or sweet fruits. 😉

  5. Candice

    A friend taught me long ago that s’mores work great in the oven or toaster oven! I’m happy to say I have the technique down, with the graham crackers on the bottom, then chocolate, then the marshmallows cut in half on top (cut side down). Toast/broil until it is the desired toastedness! And really, I think this makes a better s’more than on the campfire, cuz I have never found a good way for my chocolate to completely melt with a campfire. Usually it ends up making a giant mess. And then I’m all sticky.

    This candle sounds tempting! You described it wonderfully. MMMMMmmm.

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Candice!

      Oohhhh, that’s a good idea! Hehe, I’d need to make a lot of s’mores, though, to justify using the oven. (Excuse to make plenty? YEAH!) 😉

      Reading your comment made my mouth water!

  6. another Cristina

    I stopped by Bath & Body Works today and sniffed this candle. I thought it was fine, but not something I personally would love. Luckily, there are tons of other candles there to try to tempt people out of their money.;) I guess part of the problem is that I’m not a huge fan of s’mores, so the scent of them is not particularly appealing. Regardless, I enjoyed your post and the information it provides for us about B&BW candles. And also, thanks for the warning about candles taking people hostage! Have they been hanging out with nail polishes and stealing their techniques?! 😉
    another Cristina recently posted: Quick Post-China Glaze Ingrid with Nina Holographic topcoat

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Another Cristina!

      Haha, yeah, there are sooooo many candles! It can get overwhelming, but it is fun to go into the store and just sniff all the different scents.

      Yes, those candles are getting too smart! 😉

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Mara!

      Smart move! 🙂 This one definitely is back-up worthy. I’ve been meaning to get another because I burned through this one really quickly, but I haven’t gotten around to getting a second yet. I’ll have to get it soon before it’s gone!


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