Bath & Body Works Rainkissed Leaves Body Lotion Review & Pictures

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If you’re someone who doesn’t like flirty floral fragrances or cotton-candy sweet smells, then you might quite enjoy Bath & Body Works Rainkissed Leaves Body Lotion. It has a refreshing natural scent that is very noticeable without being overpowering. I simply love it! I love it so much that I have “several” bottles.

I’ve been putting off reviewing Bath & Body Works Rainkissed Leaves Body Lotion for quite some time now. Even though I really love this scent, I just didn’t want to reveal my beautiful dark twisted secret. But I’m ready to bare all, so come take a look at why I love this product!

Bath & Body Works Rainkissed Leaves Body Lotion Pictures & Photos

Bath & Body Works Rainkissed Leaves Body Lotion

Bath & Body Works Rain Kissed Leaves Body Lotion

Bath and Body Works Rain Kissed Leaves Body Lotion

Bath & Body Works Rain Kissed Leaves Body Lotion

This image may be disturbing to some viewers. Reader discretion is advised.


    Glides on easily
    Conditions & hydrates skin
    Absorbs quickly

Key Notes

  • Name: Bath & Body Works Rainkissed Leaves Body Lotion
  • Amount: 236ml or 8 fl oz
  • What I Paid: $4 CAD (was on sale)
  • Price Per Unit: $0.02/ml or $0.5 fl. oz
  • Retail Price: $11
  • Other Rainkissed Leaves Products: Shower Gel, Hand Cream, Body Scrub, Foaming Body Wash, Anti-Bacterial Deep Cleansing Soap, Anti-Bacterial Gentle Foaming Soap, Anti-Bacterial Moisturizing Soap, Body Spray, Eau de Toilet
  • Where to Buy: Bath & Body Works stores

Bath and Body Works Rainkissed Leaves Body Lotion Review

When I think of the smell of rain, I picture wet, muddy grass. Not exactly appealing. But one whiff of Bath and Body Works Rainkissed Leaves Body Lotion totally does remind me of summer showers…in a good way. Even when my coworker asks to borrow it for his dry hands, he calls it “that bottle of rain.”


The best word to describe Rainkissed Leaves Body Lotion by Bath & Body Works? Refreshing. The initial scent you get from RL is the fragrance of a young and vital leaf. Weird, I know. But have you actually smelled a leaf before? Your nose gets confronted with the fragrance of nature that’s both crisp and lush at the same time.

After about 10 minutes, the fresh fragrance turns into more of a floral…not the sweet kind, but a deep floral that adds a maturity and sophistication to the lightness of this scent. It softly perfumes my skin without surrounding me with a heavy cloud of fragrance that attacks my nose and the noses around me. I totally love it and have received many compliments wearing this.

Fragrance Unity

My one major complaint about Rainkissed Leaves is that it smells different across other products. I think the Body Lotion has the best scent, but other RL products don’t have the exact same fragrance. B&BW usually does a great job replicating a scent across the entire fragrance line, but they totally fail when it comes to Rainkissed Leaves. Some RL products smell watery, others smell too sweet, and a few smell like rotten nature. Disappointed.


Rainkissed Leaves by Bath & Body Works Body Lotion isn’t the most moisturizing product I’ve ever used. However, it does provide enough hydration to instantly soften my dry skin and make it suppler.

Hint for Soft Skin: Apply your body lotions or creams right when you get out of the shower. It’s best to do it when your skin is still slightly damp to lock in the moisture. It’s also a good idea to moisturize before you go to bed since that’s the time when your skin naturally repairs itself.


Bath & Body Works Rain Kissed Leaves Body Lotion leaves my skin feeling soft 2 to 3 hours before I feel like I should reapply. But when it comes to the lasting power of the fragrance… oh man! Sometimes I would still smell it on my body at the end of the day, even if I only applied it after my morning shower. The scent is, of course, much more faint, but it’s definitely still there.


The consistency of Bath and Body Works Rain Kissed Leaves Body Lotion is really lightweight. My skin is able to absorb the lotion easily, and it doesn’t leave any feeling of greasiness or oiliness. Meaning no clothing clinging onto you like Saran wrap!


Sigh! It seems like Bath & Body Works likes to get you hooked on a fragrance and then cuts the lifeline. On their website, Rainkissed Leaves is listed under Fond Farewell. I’ve also asked a few stores, and they have confirmed this (although some know absolutely nothing about it).

They are still selling the body lotions at the store locations. I think I definitely need to stock up before it all disappears…even though I already currently own 25 bottles. Yikes.


  • Smells wonderful!
  • Scent lasts quite a while
  • Lightweight formula that’s easily absorbed
  • Frequent promotions

  • Being discontinued
  • Scent doesn’t smell the same for other Rainkissed Leaves products

Final Verdict: 9.6/10

Am I crazy to have that many bottles? Am I insane to want to buy more? It’s just that the thought of never wearing this scent again makes me sad. I don’t even want to think about it!

Do you have a favorite Bath & Body Works scent that you go all out on? Maybe you understand how I feel. Let me know!


10 thoughts on “Bath & Body Works Rainkissed Leaves Body Lotion Review & Pictures

    1. Fiona Post author

      Hi Amber!

      I liked Pearberry, too; it was light and fruity! Part of me is hoping that they listed RKL in Fond Farewells by mistake, and the staff at some of the stores is mistaken. lol 🙁

      Are you going to stock up on RKL before it runs out?

    1. Fiona Post author

      Hi M!

      Know what? Hearing you say it’s not crazy just gave me enough support to go out and get some more. Sorry, wallet. 😛

    1. Fiona Post author

      I’m so, so sad that this is now gone. They had a clearance sale on “old” products a few months back, and I bought so many. I think I have 40 bottles right now. I’m still sad that I’ll run out eventually.

      I was doing some packing the other day and found a couple of bottles of Pearberry body sprays. I felt like I hit the jackpot! 😛

    1. Mary

      Hey Kaelan!

      Oh yeah? I didn’t hear about it. That’s really exciting! 🙂 Fiona will be over the moon about this news. Haha, even though she already stocked up like crazy for the Rainkissed Leaves Apocalypse! 😉

      1. Kaelan

        XD Just found out this morning, that they are also bring back My ALL TIME favorite. DANCING WATERS! As well as Enchanted Orchid, Velvet Tuberose, and Butterfly Flower. This june, for those 4! Sadly, i think that they are only limited time. 🙁

        1. Mary

          That’s so exciting! 🙂 Lots of people are going to be really happy come June! 😀

          Even if they’re only here for a limited time, at least they’ll be back. People are going to stock up!


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