Bath & Body Works Merry Cookie Candle Review & Pictures

Bath & Body Works Merry Cookie Candle Review & PicturesWhoa – it’s been quite some time since I reviewed a scented candle on here!

The most recent one I’ve been burning is the Bath & Body Works Merry Cookie Candle, which (obviously) came out around Christmas.

Although it’s harder to find now, you can still spot a few on clearance.

The packaging is cutesy, and the scent will have you drooling like one of one of Pavlov’s dogs!

Bath & Body Works Merry Cookie Candle Pictures

Bath & Body Works Merry Cookie Candle Review & Pictures

Bath & Body Works Merry Cookie Candle Review & Photos

Bath & Body Works Merry Cookie Candle Review

Bath and Body Works Merry Cookie Candle Review

Bath & Body Works Merry Cookie Candle Review & Pics


√ Cookie dough
√ Pure vanilla
√ Butter
√ Sugar

Key Notes

  • Name: Bath & Body Works Merry Cookie Scented Candle
  • Amount: 411 g (14.5 oz.)
  • What I Paid: $8 USD (on sale & with a coupon code)
  • Where to Buy: Bath & Body Works stores

Bath & Body Works Merry Cookie Candle Review


If you enjoy gourmand fragrances like I do (such as the Slatkin & Co. Homemade Cookies Candle), this will be up your alley.

It has the same type of cookie-dough aroma that’s sweet and vanilla-based. And you’ll also be able to detect the heavier baked-goods scent from the creamy butter.

This is the type of scented candle that I adore because it smells edible. (But, no matter how curious you are, please don’t eat the wax…or you may wind up on that show on TLC called My Strange Addiction!)

Scent Throw

Merry Cookie Candle by Bath & Body Works wafts nicely in a medium-sized room and then completely saturates it with a moderate-strength scent. I was very pleased with the scent throw because it didn’t take a long time to fill the room, and the fragrance was noticeable – not too light, but not too strong, either.


While I’ve had a lot of good luck with my candles burning well, this one was just okay. I found that with the initial use, the flames weren’t as strong as they are with Slatkin & Co. candles I’ve tried before. (This one isn’t a Slatkin & Co. candle, but the design is so similar, I can’t help making the comparison.)

Subsequent uses and regularly trimming the wicks prior to each use helped. Now the flames are strong.

Seasonal Availability

This came out during the holiday season, so it won’t stick around long. And there are no guarantees that it’ll come back next year. For this reason, if you really like this candle, I suggest that you snatch it up quickly before you regret it!


  • Smells of yummy cookie dough, sugar, vanilla & butter
  • Available on clearance now for a really low price

  • Available only for a limited time & it’s on its way out

Final Verdict: 9/10

The Bath & Body Works Merry Cookie Candle smells absolutely delicious! I highly recommend you get it if you enjoy cookie and dessert fragrances. Just be careful – it may make you crave something sweet! 😉

What’s the most recent scented candle you’ve burned? When did you get into burning candles? What’s something you bought and enjoyed from Bath & Body Works?


16 thoughts on “Bath & Body Works Merry Cookie Candle Review & Pictures

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Icequeen81!

      There’s something really comforting about the smell of cookies, isn’t there? It reminds me of when I was little because I remember that’s when my mom used to bake cookies a lot.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Lynette!

      Definitely it has a yummy scent! I really love these kind of cookie scents that Bath & Body Works comes out with. They’re so comforting!

  1. Maddy

    I loved this candle when I saw it! It’s looked so cute and festive and the smell was heavenly! I actually used mine up on Christmas with my family and now I just miss it!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Maddy!

      Wow, yeah, sounds like you reallllly loved it if you already finished yours! 😀 Good stuff!

      Do you reuse the glass container when you’re done burning the candle? I’ve seen some people use it to hold makeup brushes afterwards.

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Gelic’ Nail Art!

      Hmm…that’s too bad. Maybe one day Bath & Body Works and/or Yankee Candle will expand and sell to Sweden. This is a scent that you must smell – so yummy!

  2. Cristina

    This was the only candle from B&BW I bought this winter. It’s AMAZING! I wish I could have bought the 3 wick, but it was sold out on Boxing Day at every store near me and was never seen again. I wish I could find it somewhere!

    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Cristina!

      Aww…that’s too bad! I think some stores may have one or two tucked away in the clearance section. If you can’t find it, well, the next best thing is Homemade Cookies. Perhaps Bath & Body Works will bring Merry Cookie back next year. *Crosses fingers*

    1. Mary S. Post author

      Hey Ryan!

      Probably not! Fragrance is a very personal thing. What smells delightful to one person smells rancid to another. For me, anything that smells like cake, vanilla, or cookies makes me so happy, but to another person, it may be cloyingly sweet and too heavy.

      What kind of scents do you prefer?


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