Bath & Body Works Mango Mandarin Volumizing Conditioner Review & Pictures

Bath & Body Works Mango Mandarin Volumizing Conditioner Review & PicturesToday I have for you a review on the Bath & Body Works Mango Mandarin Volumizing Conditioner!

(You’ll remember that very recently, I reviewed the moisturizing shampoo in this scent.)

To test this conditioner, I’ve been using it in conjunction with the shampoo.

And, actually, I accidentally bought the voluminizing version instead of the moisturizing one!

Allow me to tell you more of my thoughts on it in this post.

But…First thing’s first! I want to take this opportunity to let you know that I’m so grateful for the overwhelming response from you all in my giveaway post yesterday! 🙂 Please keep helping me to spread the word. The last day to enter is June 6!

I’ll be replying to all of your comments on that post as soon as I can. It may take me a few days, but just know that I will reply. (Things are hectic over here – My niece was just born yesterday at 10 am! Yay! :D)

Bath & Body Works Mango Mandarin Volumizing Conditioner Pictures

Bath & Body Works Mango Mandarin Volumizing Conditioner Review & Pictures

Bath and Body Works Mango Mandarin Volumizing Conditioner Review & Pictures

Bath & Body Works Mango Mandarin Volumizing Conditioner Review & Photos

Mango Mandarin Bath & Body Works Volumizing Conditioner Review & Pictures

Bath & Body Works Mango Mandarin Volumizing Conditioner Ingredients

Bath & Body Works Mango Mandarin Volumizing Conditioner Ingredients, Review & Pics


Light conditioner adds body, shine & fullness
Smells of mandarin & mango

Key Notes

  • Name: Bath & Body Works Mango Mandarin Volumizing Conditioner
  • Amount: 355 mL (12 fl. oz.)
  • What I Paid: $4 CAD on sale (This nearly always is on sale, so I suggest never paying retail for it.)
  • Where to Buy: Bath & Body Works stores & Bath & Body Works website

Bath & Body Works Mango Mandarin Volumizing Conditioner Review


Just like with the Bath & Body Works Mango Mandarin Moisturizing Shampoo, this Voluminizing Conditioner smells mostly of mandarin to me, but at the end, I think I can detect a smidgeon of mango if I really concentrate.

This scent is pleasant and definitely energizing, which is why I love using it during my morning shower. It perks me up!

It’s of light-moderate strength and just a little of the scent will linger in your hair even after you’ve dried and styled it. But, don’t worry, it won’t compete with any eau de parfum you’re wearing.


Now, I mistakenly bought the Volumizing Conditioner from Bath & Body Works. My hair usually needs heavy-duty moisturizing conditioners, and I find that most volumizing conditioners are too light for my needs.

Sadly, even though using this conditioner was better than not using this conditioner, my hair didn’t respond the best to it.

The moisturizing conditioners from Bath & Body Works do a far superior job at taming my hair, making it shiny, and transforming it into more-manageable hair.

This volumizing one is just okay for my hair type, but not ideal.

If you have healthy hair that doesn’t require flat ironing on a daily basis to look straight and sleek, perhaps you can get away with this conditioner. It’d be more suitable for those who have thin, limp, or sparse hair. My hair is thin, but I have a lot of it, and it has enough body on its own. When I used this conditioner, I got too much body, and I prefer a sleek look compared to one that’s full of body.

Animal Friendliness

The label says that this finished product isn’t tested on animals. That’s good, but…that also means that most likely, the unfinished product was tested on animals! :S


I really like the no-nonsense squeeze bottle that Bath & Body Works’ haircare comes in. It’s a comfortable size to hold, I never struggle to get the cap open (because it easily flips up), and the hole dispenses the product nicely.


  • Smells of mandarin (with a hint of mango)
  • Gives hair body & a little shine
  • Finished product not tested on animals
  • Simple & easy-to-use packaging
  • Affordable & goes on sale so often

  • Too light of a conditioner if you have hair like I do that requires intense hydration
  • Unfinished product was probably tested on animals

Final Verdict: 5.5/10

For my hair type, this wasn’t a great conditioner for me. Their moisturizing version would do better things for my hair than this. So, yeah, I regret accidentally buying this instead of the one I wanted.

(I was about to pay the cashier when I ran over to grab this quickly. May this be a lesson for me to pay more attention when I make these kind of impulse buys. Haha, read the label carefully, Mary!) 😉

If your hair is thin or limp, this will be wonderful to give you the body you crave. But, my hair already has body and needs more in the moisture department, hence why I gave this product a low score.

What conditioner do you use? Do you opt for volumizing or moisturizing conditioners usually?


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  1. Carmela

    Congrats again for being a new auntie! 😀 I hope you post pics of your niece for Smorgasbord Sunday. So excited for you! (My sis in law is a new nail polish addict so I’m just waiting till my niece turns an acceptable age to introduce her to nail polish, hahaha!)

    Thanks for the head’s up with this one! I’ll be sure to pick up the moisturizing one then. 😀
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    1. Mary Post author

      Hey Carmela!

      Thanks so much! 🙂 If I do blog about her, I have to respect her parents’ wishes. They aren’t comfortable with photos of her being published online. (It was the same deal when my nephew was born.)

      What’s the ‘acceptable polish age’? Hehe! I wore my first polish in the first grade, but I’ve seen some girls sport it even earlier.

      1. Carmela

        Oh, I totally understand. It’s the same with my sis in law. 🙂

        Um, I doubt there’s a hard and fast rule, but I’m guessing it would be the age when they stop putting their fingers in their mouths? That’s my only worry; if you paint their nails and they get excited and want to taste it. Big no-no!
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        1. Mary Post author

          Hopefully she doesn’t become a nail biter then…because that could last years. And then what am I going to do? *Sweats selfishly* Hahaha! 😉 Or maybe a nice manicure will help her nix the habit. (But I really hope she doesn’t start. I used to be a nail biter in elementary school.)


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