Bath & Body Works Island Margarita PocketBac Sanitizing Hand Gel Review & Pictures

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For many, many months, I’d stroll casually into a Bath & Body Works. Just a casual stroll. Never intended to buy anything. (Yeah, right!)

In many locations, I noticed that they had the Bath & Body Works Island Margarita PocketBac Sanitizing Hand Gel as a tester. But I could never find the actual product. I’d rummage through the bins like a mad woman. Like a mad woman, I tell ya! Why would they put it out as a tester if you can’t actually buy it? It’s total temptation.

I think it’s because Island Margarita is a seasonal scent that they stopped putting out at the end of summer last year. But they still had the anti-bacs leftover as testers. This story has a happy ending as I finally got one (OK, five) last month! Do I regret getting so many?

Bath & Body Works Island Margarita PocketBac Sanitizing Hand Gel Pictures & Photos


    Leaves hands lightly scented
    Kills germs without water
    Leaves hands feeling clean

Key Notes

  • Name: Bath & Body Works Island Margarita PocketBac Sanitizing Hand Gel
  • Amount: 29ml or 1fl.oz.
  • What I Paid: $1 (at 5 for $5 sale; retails for $2)
  • Price Per Unit: $0.03/ml or $1/fl.oz.
  • Other Bath & Body Works Island Margarita Products Available: Gentle Foaming Hand Soap, Deep Cleansing Hand Soap, Moisturizing Hand Soap, 1.6 oz. Filled Candle, 4 oz. Filled Candle, 14.5 Filled Candle, Wallflowers Refill, SCENTPORTABLE Refill, Home Fragrance Oil, Concentrated Room Spray
  • Where to Buy: Bath & Body Works in-store & online

Bath & Body Works Island Margarita Hand Sanitizer Review


OK. I’ve only had a margarita a couple of times, and I can tell you I wasn’t sniffing it. So I don’t know if Bath & Body Works Island Margarita Hand Sanitizer actually smells like the real cocktail. What I can tell you is that it smells simply delicious!

It smells fruity, but not overbearingly sweet – almost like the fruit that has just ripen, so there’s some sweetness to it. But then you get hit with the refreshing lime scent which has a bit of acidity to cut into the slight sweetness. It’s yummeeeee!

The fragrance initially is more alcohol-y. But just wait about 10 seconds, and it turns into something wonderful.

Consistency & Application

A little liquidier than I like, but it lets you spread it out quickly before the alcohol evaporates. It’s not so much a “gel” per se. It has a very watery gel-like consistency that basically melts in the palm of your hand.

You only need a tiny amount for both hands. There’s no need to over-squirt the bottle!


The reason I started using scented sanitizers is because I hate the alcoholic smell of Purell. Not only is it stinky, but the stench lasts a long while. Well, Bath & Body Works Island Margarita PocketBac Sanitizer lasts a long while, too. But I love the fragrance, so I ain’t complainin’. The scent stays for about 40 minutes. Awesome!

Effects on Skin

After using the Bath & Body Works Island Margarita sanitizer, my hands feel cleaner. And I’m not afraid to touch my face with my hands afterwards. Plus, it doesn’t dry out my skin!


Remember when B&BW had their sanitizers in much taller bottles? When they stopped producing that size, I was kind of mad. It feels like these tiny PocketBacs are wasteful since you throw out more bottles. Well, I still feel that way about wasting more packaging. But I kind of like that the Island Margarita sanitizer by Bath & Body Works fits so easily into my purse, even in the tiniest pocket. Oh, I’m conflicted!

I also like how the top is a flip cap, so you don’t have to struggle with unscrewing the top. How many times have you dropped a top somewhere on the floor and can’t find it? Too many times for me! Maybe you’re not as clumsy. Anyway, the flip cap is very secure so the lid won’t pop open to spill anything into your purse.

  • Yummy scent that lasts about 40-45 minutes
  • Doesn’t dry out your hands
  • Very handy & portable
  • Secure flip cap that’s easy to open
  • Kills germs without water
  • Wasteful packaging compared to bigger sizes
  • Seasonal scent

Final Verdict: 9.8/10

This is my all-time favorite scent for B&BW PocketBacs. I wish they made a Rainkissed Leaves one – sigh. But at least I have my Island Margarita! 🙂

Which is your favorite Bath & Body Works Scent? Do you like Island Margarita?


2 thoughts on “Bath & Body Works Island Margarita PocketBac Sanitizing Hand Gel Review & Pictures

  1. Ruthe

    I have a BBW hand soap in this scent and I LOOOOVE the scent!! I always sniff my hands after I use it. That sucks that this is hard to find :(. I need to see if my local Bath and Body Works carries this. And I agree with you, I feel like the little bottles are so wasteful!
    Ruthe recently posted: Pure Ice Rio

    1. Fiona Post author

      Hi Ruthe!

      OMG. I want the hand soap, but I already have a gazillion bottles of Rainkissed Leaves. I’m so tempted though! 😛

      I’ve seen it in a few locations lately, so I think it’s just a seasonal thing. Maybe I should stock up before the season ends!


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