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NYX Eyeshadow Trio Team Spirit Swatches & Review

NYX Eyeshadow Trio Team Spirit Swatches & ReviewNot long ago, I did an Eye of the Day look (“Clown Eyes“). I used all the colours in this NYX Eyeshadow Trio Team Spirit palette as well as a couple of other hues.

I was pleased with the end result, especially since it was a personal challenge to venture outside my comfort zone of dark, smokey-eye looks.

While I’m not going to be shifting gears to super-colourful looks regularly just yet, it has revived my desire to play around with shadows and to experiment with combinations that I previously thought would be hard to sport in a single look.

Let me tell you some specifics of each colour and how they fared as I wore them throughout the day and into the night. Continue reading


Nail Art Tutorial: Bee Nails

Bee Nails Nail Art Tutorial, Swatches & PicturesWhat’s all the buzzin’ about? Pipe it down! πŸ˜›

Today I bring you some new (and easy) nail art: Bee Nails! Are they the bee’s knees or the bee’s elbows?

This is a design that I’ll show you step-by-step how to recreate. These yellow bandits will be ready in no time!

All you’ll need is a yellow polish (I used OPI Need Sunglasses?), a black striper and/or polish, a white polish, and a dotting tool.

Heh…if you look closely at the swatches of this, you’ll notice that I accidentally gave one of my bees a cataract! πŸ™ Whoopsie! No hard feelings, right, Bee-atris? πŸ˜‰

But hopefully you still like the way it looks. And, hey, maybe seeing isn’t always bee-lieving! (Okay, okay! I hear you groaning…I’ll stop with the corny puns.) Continue reading


Nail Art Tutorial: Ladybug Nails

Ladybug Nails Nail Art TutorialThis is what I wore over the weekend.

These Ladybug Nails were so easy to do, and you just need 3 colours of polish. Chances are that you already have these in your stash.

If you’re looking for simple nail art, this is definitely it. There aren’t many steps, and you don’t have to be good at drawing. It’s just dots, stripes, and painting the tip of your nails.

Some designs are more complicated and can be a challenge replicating it using your non-dominant hand. The ladybug nail art is easy-peasy to do on both hands. You just need the right tools.

I got this idea from a cutepolish YouTube video, which I’ll link to at the bottom of my post.

Continue reading


What’s in My Travel Makeup Bag

I’ve been seeing a lot of cool What’s in My Travel Makeup Bag YouTube videos and blog posts this summer. Thought I’d join in and show you what products I take. Plus this is very timely since I’m actually going on a short romantic ‘trip’ soon. I’m staying within the city, but he and I always have a great time.

Whats in My Travel Makeup BagBut before I go into the details about what I’m taking with me, I’d like to blab a little bit about myself first. If this bores you, you can scroll down this post to get right to the makeup. πŸ™‚ Continue reading


Nail Art Tutorial: Cookie Monster Nails

Cookie Monster Nails Nail Art SwatchesFor a while, I wanted to create Cookie Monster Nails. But it was only until now that I went ahead and did it.

These don’t exactly look like Cookie Monster, though, so I’ll say that they’re inspired by him. πŸ™‚

Only after I started painting did I Google photos of other people’s Cookie Monster nail art, and I kinda wish I looked first because my attempt would’ve turned out better.

Had I not painted my entire nail blue and allowed the googly eyes to sit on top of the blue part, it would’ve looked more like the fun Sesame Street character. If you’re confused, check out the link at the bottom of my post. I’ll show you how someone else did it and how hers look more recognizable.

I still really like this manicure because it’s silly, and I think it’s really fun to have smiling faces on my fingertips.

What do you think? Would you try this? Should I try some other Sesame Street characters? Continue reading


Nail Art Tutorial: Octopus Nails

Octopus Nail Art Tutorial & SwatchesMy previous nail art post featured alien cow nails! Today, I bring you another funky manicure – Octopus Nails!

The quirkier the manicure, the happier I am, apparently. πŸ™‚

Do you stick to classic manicures, or do weird nails like these excite you, too?

Want to know what inspired this manicure? True story: an octopus actually predicted the soccer World Cup champions!

His name’s Paul the Octopus, and if you want to read about this incredible sea creature who should’ve been named Zoltar instead, keep reading. I’ll provide a link at the bottom of this post.

Continue reading


NYX Dramatic Chromatic Eyeshadow Pigments Swatches & Review – Blues: Hard Core, Lagoon, Bayou, Ocean Blue, Blue Eyes, Piggy Back, Chaotic & Space

Image of NYX Dramatic Chromatic Eyeshadow Pigments ** This post was written by Fiona. She no longer blogs for Swatch And Learn. However, Mary still continues to blog and will be happy to reply to your comment. **

A little while back I shamelessly did a haul post on my NYX haul from HauteLook. I wanted to do swatches on them right away, but I couldn’t really do a review unless I actually tested the products themselves. I knew the pigments would work basically the same across each one, but I needed to make sure.

So now, here is the first group of NYX Dramatic Chromatic Eyeshadow Pigments – The Blue Shadow Group. This includes Hard Core, Lagoon, Bayou, Ocean Blue, Blue Eyes, Piggy Back, Chaotic and Space.

Duh, right! Fiona jumping on the blue shadows first before any other color. Surprise, surprise. Well, you know what? Sue me! I just love blues the most, alright! πŸ˜› I adore the color, and I love almost all the blues pigments that I got. Almost all. There are eight blues in total, and I love seven of them. Which one’s the ugly duckling that, in my opinion, won’t be a beautiful swan? Come see! Continue reading